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Tips by Tamara Day from HGTV’s hit show Bargain Mansions.
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BUYING A HOME TIPS: Get the Buyer’s Edge with a PreApproval
In today’s hot housing market, you definitely need a preapproval when you’re
looking to buy. One from a local lender that gives your offer an advantage.

Why Buy a Home vs. Rent
Address soaring rent by investing in a home. A mortgage can be less than rent.
Plus you can say goodbye to rate increases with a fixed-rate mortgage.

Take Advantage of Low Rates – Don’t Wait to Buy a Home
Don’t take low-interest rates for granted. Buy a home while rates are low. You’ll
find substantial savings with a low, fixed-rate mortgage.

Refinance Your Mortgage while Home Prices are at a High Point and Rates are Low
Did you know your home can help pay for its updates? It’s true, use some equity
from a Cashback Refinance to start planning your home remodel. If your home
has increased in value that gives you more equity. Plus, rates are low so simply
refinancing to lower your rate is also a great way to save.

Tackle Big Expenses with a Home Refinance
Big expenses like college debt, credit cards, or a line of credit can weigh you
down. Erase those payments by bundling them into a home refinance. It is a good
time when your home may have increased in value and interest rates are low.